Customizing b2evolution

26th Mar 2008 stk

Sorry, we no longer provide b2evolution solutions


Audio player plugin

13th Feb 2008 ¥åßßå

Add podcasts to your blog

This plugin is a port of the Audio player plugin for wordpress. It "sort of" retains the same functionality and settings and stuff like that, but does it with much more flair and is better suited to the multiblog arena that b2evo plays around in ;) As per usual there's a shedload of settings associated with the plugin (blame the original author not me ;) ),the defaults can be set in admin and overridden by skintag call(s) to allow them to be tweaked on a per skin basis.

So, what can this baby do? It can play mp3's that have been uploaded to your blog, it can play mp3's on another url and it can play multiple mp3's one after the other (although it does lack a "select tune to play" option). All of these are pretty much part of the original authors plugin, so if in doubt, go read their post

Download and installation

If you have B.O.P.I.T installed on your blog then just click the download link in your admin area. For the poor souls without B.O.P.I.T installed you can grab the latest version of the plugin from here ( AM Audio Player ). Unzip it, upload it and then hit the settings page to change all of the colours to suit your skin.

Enabling enclosures

As well as adding the audio to your blog this plugin can add enclosures to your atom/rss feeds, although this does require that you crack open the relevant skin files to add a hook for things. It's not to difficult though, fire up your editor of choice and find some code that looks similar to what's below and then just add in the new lines of code, save upload, done.


<!-- am audio enclosure hack start -->
            $Plugins->trigger_event'FeedEnclosure'$Item );
            <!-- am audio enclosure hack end -->
            <comments><?php echo $Item->get_single_url'auto' ); ?>#comments</comments>

Anyway, enough blather from me, press play ;)


Control your bloglist

18th Jan 2008 ¥åßßå

Order your bloglist

Finally you can control your bloglist directly from the admin area with this shiny new plugin brought to you by the AM Team. No longer do you need to hack the core files to achieve the results you require.

What does it do?

This is basically a direct replacement for the current widget except it comes with a fair few new settings. The main ones are the "Current Blog" and "Other Blog" settings which allow you to enter the html to use, either in the settings or from your skin, both settings have some replacement values to allow further customisation :

  • $blog_url$ replaced with the blogs url
  • $blog_shortname$ replaced with the blogs short name
  • $blog_name$ replaced with the blogs name
  • $blog_desc$ replaced with the blogs long description
  • $blog_ID$ replaced with the blogs ID

What about the blog order?

To achieve the rest we decided it was time to abuse the blogs *notes* field .... mainly because we don't personally use it and it's one of the few fields that you don't end up fighting later. Ordering of the blogs is done by sorting them on the blogs notes field, so depending on what text you have in there depends on where they appear in your blog list ( ours start with "blogorder:1" "blogorder:2" etc ). If you happen to be one of the rare people that actually uses the notes field then just ignore the first line when yer reading them. Since we were abusing the notes field anyway we decided to abuse it a bit more. When the blog list is being displayed the plugin looks for the text "bloglist:hide" anywhere in the notes field. If it finds it then it skips ahead to the next blog in the list.

Other abilities

As well as choosing the order of your blogs and which ones to hide you can also show logged in members blogs that they have access to, whilst not showing them to the general public. To do this you just need to untick the "display in public bloglist" checkbox in your blog settings and tick the checkbox in the plugin for "members". This effectively removes it from view unless you are logged in and a blog member. Another enhancement is the ability to add custom html before and after the bloglist so that you can keep all your menu options in one place.


Installation is a doddle, download the latest version of the Bloglist Plugin, unzip it and upload the am_bloglist_plugin folder to your blogs plugins folder. Then wander over to your Admin > Global Settings > Plugins Install tab, click the link titled "Install New" and select the plugin from the list of available settings. Thats it, it's installed and ready to be used in your skins wherever you want.


Keep Up-to-Date with BOPIT

12th Aug 2007 stk

Update Your Plug-ins from the Back-Office

Ever spent hours working through a problem with a plug-in, only to discover that there's a new version that fixes it? Ever had to search all over the Internet to try to find help with a plug-in? Don't you wish there was a simple way to tell if a plug-in upgrade was available? Well now there is!

This plug-in will tell you, at a glance, if there's a newer version of a plug-in (or skin) your using. If there is, just click and you can download it! How great is that?

BOPIT works silently in the background and is tightly integrated with your existing b2evolution back-office "Plugins" tab. There's no annoying pop-up messages, nagging you to upgrade. There's no unwanted, automatic downloading. You simply get a visual cue (shaded background), that tells you if your plug-in is current, or if an upgrade is available. If one is available, just click the link and download it. Simple. Easy. Sweet.

There's more. BOPIT adds an extra "Tool" tab (called, strangly enough - "BOPIT"), that provides you with a list of all known plug-ins and skins - and if any that you have are outdated! Each of the supported plug-ins and skins will have a download link, a home page link and link to a support page or forum thread. No wandering all over the Internet, hunting for files!

AstonishMe rocks! Who else would bring you something as great as this, eh? Too bad only AstonishMe plug-ins are currently BOPIT-enabled. Wouldn't it be great if ALL plug-ins and skins were BOPIT-enabled? Well, they CAN BE. Developers ... it's easy to add your skin or plug-in to the BOPIT list. Head over to the "Developers" page, to find out more.

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Developers ( revised )

Search Cloud (Zeitgeist)

3rd May 2007 stk

How Visitors Land on Your Blog

Who hasn't looked through their b2evolution back-office statistics page, marveling at all the unusual search terms that visitors employed to find your blog posts? Some are funny. Some are strange. Some might even be downright scary. All of the terms are 'feedback' and says something about your audience and your blog.

We've made a plug-in that moves these obscure, sometimes humorous, search terms to your front page and displays them a cloud-like fashion. In a nutshell, it gathers all of the search terms from the hitlog (last 30 days, by default), from one (or all) of your blogs. It sorts them and tallies the most popular ones. Using parameters, you tell the plug-in how many of the most popular terms to show, in what order and where they should show. Finally, you can style the cloud of terms to your liking, using CSS.

Before you know it ... you've added a "search cloud" to your b2evolution blog! If you want to be fancy, you will call it a "zeitgeist" (which is a German term meaning "the spirit of the times") and claim you got the idea from Google (but really, we got it from here).

We've added features we're sure you'll like. For high-traffic websites, there's caching capability (user-defined cache period), to save server resources. For installations with multiple blogs, you can decide which blog to use. You can display as many (or as few) terms as you like. Each term is linked to the post entry it 'found'. Call it your "Zeitgeist", your "Search Cloud" or whatever you want ... because you can easily alter the title. It even has the ability to filter objectionable words. And of course, you can completely control the styling, with access to the default xhtml and CSS. We didn't think of everything, but we did code in some flexibility. ;)

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation (v1.8.x & v1.9x)
  3. Styling the Cloud
  4. The Future

AstonishMe Digg Plugin

9th Feb 2007 Danny

Plugin updated 21th Dec 2007 - Please ensure you have the latest version installed is a social bookmarking and news site. Users submit stories, then vote on which stories make it to the front page. With this plugin you can add Digg buttons to your posts by just checking a box in the Write tab. Or change one setting and instantly add the button to all of your posts. You and your readers can click the Digg button to add your post to Digg. Once the post has been submitted, the button will show how many Diggs the story has.

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation (v1.8+)
  3. Usage and customization