Google Spell Checker

30th Mar 2006 Danny

Spel rite uzing "Google Spell"

Pre-Phoenix users of b2evolution may remember using the built-in spell-checker, based on A spell check window popped open, the utility often took its sweet time to load, it often terminated or hung when it encountered certain XHTML tags and it had a clunky interface. It's not surprising that the spell check button has disappeared in the publicly available, alpha version of Phoenix. In addition, the simple (English-only) spell checker plug-in that ships with v1.6 and CVS versions of Phoenix, doesn't work. This prompted us to write our own and make some improvements.

Google Spell

Introducing the Astonish Me! "Google Spell" plug-in. It provides an easy-to-use, multilingual spell checker for the Back Office write/edit pane and (optionally) for comment forms.

It's called "Google Spell" because it uses the Google Spell Check API and functions similarly to the spell checker in Gmail. If you have a Gmail account, then you may already be familiar with the interface.

The API call is made using AJAX, which allows spell checking right in the Back Office edit window (and/or comment form). No more annoying pop-ups or page refreshes. It utilizes a word-frequency algorithm, which means that it will recognize commonly used proper nouns. This reduces the number of words it 'thinks' are incorrect. It also skips over many XHTML tags, attributes and CSS class names, further speeding up the process. Because Google handles the dictionary end of things, technology words are covered. If that weren't enough, Google Spell is multi-lingual, currently supporting eight different languages: Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Suomi and Svenska.

Google Spell was inspired by and is based upon GoogieSpell, written by Amir Salihefendic and released under the GPL. It's been tested in the PC versions of MSIE 6(sp2), FireFox 1.5 & Opera 8.5. JavaScript must be enabled for Google Spell to function. If JavaScript is disabled, the controls never show up, so it degrades nicely. We believe that JavaScript should only add functionality to a page.

Summary of Benefits

  • No annoying pop-up windows.
  • No flicker or waits from page refreshes.
  • Multilingual (8 languages currently supported).
  • Three east steps to get it installed.
  • Intuitive, Gmail-like interface is easy to use.
  • Recognition of many XHTML tags, attributes and CSS class names.
  • Recognition of commonly used proper nouns.
  • Up-to-date checking of technology words.
  • Fewer 'false positives' means less time spent spell checking.
  • Quickly spell-check: scan entry for highlighted, suspect words.
  • Check any length post (no length limit).

Google Spell Demonstration

<-- Controls Show Up Here (JavaScript required)

Don't take our word for it. Go on, give it a test drive. Spell check the text in the box, or be creative and type your own. (Keep in mind that we log everything that gets typed into the window, so no cussing, credit card numbers or passwords. On second thought, credit card numbers are OKAY, just be sure to enter the expiry date and the 3-number security code off the back. ;) )

Like it? Get your copy today, courtesy of AstonishMe!

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