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22nd Aug 2006 ¥åßßå

Bypass Comment Moderation for Admin & Members

This is the plug-in that the world's been waiting for with bated breath ... well, two or three people here at AstonishMe, for sure! :p

It's a no-brainer addition to your blog. It'll end hours of frustration, turn you into one happy camper and heck, may even add years to your life. What's it do? Something that comment moderation should do, by default: It allows owners of a blog to comment, unmoderated, on their own blog; It allows members of a blog to comment, unmoderated, on blogs for which they're members!

"Doh!" you say, and rightly so, as it falls into the "Whose-blog-is-it-anyway?" category of feature additions.

Well, by golly, it's YOUR blog (and we make it so) ;)

If you employ comment moderation in the default install of b2evolution v1.8, you'll no doubt, quickly realize that your own comments are moderated, right along with the spamming visitor who's as slimy as green can be. What a travesty. Get this plug-in and correct this moderation faux pas. Allow administrators, members, and authors to comment on their own blogs and posts. Makes sense? We think so.

So much so, that we're making this plug-in free to all b2evolution users!

"Why?" you might ask, because you know it takes time to make these beneficial, valuable and life-extending plug-ins.

Because we're just great people! Because we know that you'll come to think of AstonishMe as your source for making your blog work the way YOU WANT IT TO. Because we're looking for a few good bloggers, interested in making their blog better, stronger, able to leap tall blogs, with high page ranks, in a single bound. Because, we know you want to sign up for membership and add some REAL pizzaz to your blog.

Set a "No-Link" Comment Policy

Oh, we've also included another useful feature, which keeps people from adding a URL to their comment. Whether it's a spammer or some schmoe making silly comments, leaving his URL to boost inbound links for his own page ranking, this setting will slam the linkage door in their self-serving faces. Use it to establish a no-link commenting policy for your blog. You'll know that the comments you get are real and not, in any way, a self-serving promotion, either for profit or page-ranking gain.

This plug-in is easy to install, easy to use. G'won ... you know you want it. Get it by moving on to "Installation and Usage". See you there. ;)

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation (v1.8) & Usage