Keep Up-to-Date with BOPIT

12th Aug 2007 stk

Update Your Plug-ins from the Back-Office

Ever spent hours working through a problem with a plug-in, only to discover that there's a new version that fixes it? Ever had to search all over the Internet to try to find help with a plug-in? Don't you wish there was a simple way to tell if a plug-in upgrade was available? Well now there is!

This plug-in will tell you, at a glance, if there's a newer version of a plug-in (or skin) your using. If there is, just click and you can download it! How great is that?

BOPIT works silently in the background and is tightly integrated with your existing b2evolution back-office "Plugins" tab. There's no annoying pop-up messages, nagging you to upgrade. There's no unwanted, automatic downloading. You simply get a visual cue (shaded background), that tells you if your plug-in is current, or if an upgrade is available. If one is available, just click the link and download it. Simple. Easy. Sweet.

There's more. BOPIT adds an extra "Tool" tab (called, strangly enough - "BOPIT"), that provides you with a list of all known plug-ins and skins - and if any that you have are outdated! Each of the supported plug-ins and skins will have a download link, a home page link and link to a support page or forum thread. No wandering all over the Internet, hunting for files!

AstonishMe rocks! Who else would bring you something as great as this, eh? Too bad only AstonishMe plug-ins are currently BOPIT-enabled. Wouldn't it be great if ALL plug-ins and skins were BOPIT-enabled? Well, they CAN BE. Developers ... it's easy to add your skin or plug-in to the BOPIT list. Head over to the "Developers" page, to find out more.

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Developers ( revised )