Audio player plugin

13th Feb 2008 ¥åßßå

Add podcasts to your blog

This plugin is a port of the Audio player plugin for wordpress. It "sort of" retains the same functionality and settings and stuff like that, but does it with much more flair and is better suited to the multiblog arena that b2evo plays around in ;) As per usual there's a shedload of settings associated with the plugin (blame the original author not me ;) ),the defaults can be set in admin and overridden by skintag call(s) to allow them to be tweaked on a per skin basis.

So, what can this baby do? It can play mp3's that have been uploaded to your blog, it can play mp3's on another url and it can play multiple mp3's one after the other (although it does lack a "select tune to play" option). All of these are pretty much part of the original authors plugin, so if in doubt, go read their post

Download and installation

If you have B.O.P.I.T installed on your blog then just click the download link in your admin area. For the poor souls without B.O.P.I.T installed you can grab the latest version of the plugin from here ( AM Audio Player ). Unzip it, upload it and then hit the settings page to change all of the colours to suit your skin.

Enabling enclosures

As well as adding the audio to your blog this plugin can add enclosures to your atom/rss feeds, although this does require that you crack open the relevant skin files to add a hook for things. It's not to difficult though, fire up your editor of choice and find some code that looks similar to what's below and then just add in the new lines of code, save upload, done.


<!-- am audio enclosure hack start -->
            $Plugins->trigger_event'FeedEnclosure'$Item );
            <!-- am audio enclosure hack end -->
            <comments><?php echo $Item->get_single_url'auto' ); ?>#comments</comments>

Anyway, enough blather from me, press play ;)