Using workflows in b2evo

8th Jan 2007 Topanga

Is your work flowing properly?

Of course you've seen those 'Workflow' properties you can use in the backoffice when writing an article, but why are they there and, more importantly, what can you do with them ? How can they be of any use to you ?

When can they be of use to you ?

  1. If you write/prepare articles that are to be published in the future
  2. If you work with several people on the same blog/ezine project

The workflow properties are mostly used when several of you contribute towards the final content.

  • Person B can write an article and assign it to the next to spellcheck, layout check, include pictures, ...
  • Or Person A can start an empty article and assign it to Person C to write the actual content,...

If you need the functionality, you'll instantly know what I mean. If I don't make sense, then I'm sure you don't need this plugin.

  1. What does it do ?
  2. Installation (v1.8)
  3. Customization
  4. Is that all I can customize ?
Tags: workflow