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22nd Aug 2006 ¥åßßå

Phoenix "Summer Beta" (v1.8) Installation

The installation for this plugin is an easy, two-step and click process. Just follow the directions below:

  1. Download: Click on the ZIP file to download it:

    AM_Allow_Comments (plug-in for b2evo v1.8)

  2. Unzip & Upload: Unzip the file into the "/plugins" folder of your v1.8 b2evolution installation. It will make a folder "am_allow_comments_plugin", which contains one file "am_allow_comments.plugin.php". Upload the folder and file, to your b2evolution server, putting them into the same "/plugins" location.

  3. Install: In your back-office, under the "App Setting" tab, click the "Plugins" tab. You'll see "AM Allow Comments", in the "Available Plugin" list. Click [Install] in the "Actions" list, on the right. BOOM! It's installed. Easy.

This plugin utilises the new spam karma methods that Phoenix v1.8 brings to the dinner table. It's got a fair few settings which can be found if you root around in admin long enough, and if you can't find them then you probably shouldn't be playing in admin anyway huh?

For the enlightened ones who can find the settings here's a quick explanation of what they do :-

I know you're gonna find this uncanny but this setting is used to enable or disable the plugin ..... spooky huh?
Visitor Website
This one's used to decide if visitors are allowed to leave a web address or not, if they're not and they send one it takes a wild stab that they're really a spamming arses bot that can't tell the difference between display:none and "sod off you spamming arse" although display:sod off you spamming arse fails validation for some strange reason
Visitors website(s) in comment content
This setting is similar to the above one except it allows you to decide if visitors can leave urls in the content of their comment.
Allow author comments
If you tick this then the author, or assigned user, or the last person to modify the post is automatically allowed to comment on it.
Allow members
This is a great setting, in fact I don't know how the world survived without this setting, but it did ..... anyway, this setting allows any members of the blog to breeze through moderation like a kite in a thunderstorm ...... urm, maybe a tad less bumpy
Allow registered users
Remember when you added all those users to your blogs and there was an insignificant little old text box called user level? Well, based on the number that you slapped in there this setting either lets a user cruise through moderation like a paper boat in a storm gully, or it'll hold them up a tad ...... but what the hell, it was you that decided their level, not me .... right?

Some of these settings have an associated karma setting, but y'all know what karma is so I don't need to explain that huh?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that you know enough to make this all work so go grab the plugin


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation (v1.8) & Usage


The plugin had been updated to correct a bug which shows when a logged in user makes a comment on a blog that they're not a member off, thanks Gary for finding that one ;)

27/08/06 @ 08:33
Comment from: Slamp

Should it be possible to add an option to allow all users, even non-registered user to post a comment ?
In an intranet, spam is not a problem.
27/08/06 @ 09:15
If you're on an intranet then all you need to do is change your blog settings (admin > blog settings > [blog] > advanced) change New feedback status to published.

27/08/06 @ 09:21
Thanks! :D Very useful plugin for b2evolution :D

28/08/06 @ 04:45
Comment from: Slamp
The link for the plugins seems broken.
16/01/08 @ 21:21
Hi Slamp,
I've fixed the broken link, thanks for telling us

17/01/08 @ 12:22

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