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26th Mar 2008 stk

Sorry, we no longer provide b2evolution solutions



Comment from: Chantal
Hi! I just want a template design that basically brings to life these things: black celebrities, sneakers, fashion, music and gossip....If you could make this happen I willl be very grateful!!! thanks!
06/30/08 @ 03:07
Hello Guys,

Is this the place to come to for AM Extra Comment support? I searched the forums and cannot seem to find any clue to the error message when posting a comment:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/gsgboo5/public_html/blog/plugins/am_extra_comment_plugin/_am_extra_comment.plugin.php on line 108

I am not a coder so other than scrolling to line 108 it would be like trying to find a untied shoe string under the hood of a broken down car!

Any help or direction would be appreciated. Version 2.4
11/19/08 @ 08:10
Hi Richard,

This is the place to come, unfortunately it's pretty tough to post code in the comments on this version of evo.

If you'd like to start a thread on the forums or even on my bogrums ( you'll need to register first though ) then it'll be far easier to help you.

11/20/08 @ 09:12
I have started a new thread on the forums.
11/25/08 @ 22:00
Comment from: Randy Middleton
B2 site has a bad link to you.
Looking for a spell checker.
02/06/09 @ 15:29

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