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9th Jan 2007 ¥åßßå

Extra comment control at your fingertips

One of the drawbacks of b2evolution blogs is the lack of finesse when it comes to controling who can read or make comments. You either have to close the door on the whole world, or leave it wide open so everyman and his dog can wander in. There's no middle ground unless you fancy butchering a few of the core files to bend them to your needs.

B2evolution ships with the following 3 possible settings for comments :

  1. Open
    Everyman and his dog can read and make comments
  2. Closed
    Everyman and his dog can read comments, nobody (not even the dog) can leave comments
  3. Disabled
    What comments?

This plugin changes those options so you can specify exactly who comments are open/closed/disabled for. No longer do you have to let in the world just to allow your members the ability to comment. With this plugin you can choose from all of the following levels for each of the open/closed/disabled settings :-

  1. Anybody
  2. Registered users
  3. Blog members
  4. Blog editors
  5. Blog administrators
  6. Nobody

If this is the plugin for you then carry on to the installation instructions ....

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation

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