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9th Jan 2007 ¥åßßå

Plug in your choices

The installation for this plugin is an easy, two-step and click process. Just follow the directions below:

  1. Download: Click on the ZIP file to download it:

    AM_Extra_Comments (plug-in for b2evo v1.8+)

  2. Unzip & Upload: Unzip the file into the "/plugins" folder of your v1.8+ b2evolution installation. It will make a folder "am_extra_comments_plugin", which you need to upload to your b2evolution server, putting it into the same "/plugins" location.

  3. Install: In your back-office, under the "App Setting" tab, click the "Plugins" tab. You'll see "AM Extra Comments", in the "Available Plugin" list. Click [Install] in the "Actions" list, on the right. BOOM! It's installed. Easy.

Now mosey on over to the plugin settings and start changing them to suit your preferences, ( the defaults replicate the way the current settings behave ).

Damn, how simple is that?


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation

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