20th Jan 2008 ¥åßßå

Visiglyphs++ v. 2.4.8 by EdB
System requirements : b2evolution version : 2.x, 2.3, 2.4

Big Picture

Visiglyphs++ is an advanced Visiglyph, which is a computer-generated "quilt-like" 9-block image based (originally) on the visitors IP address. Visiglyphs help build a sense of community on a busy blog by adding a simple-yet-complex-yet-simple avatar-like image to every comment your blog posts gets.

This plugin goes one step further by letting you decide which bits get used to generate the glyph. You can use their name and/or email address and/or IP address along with a random string you add to define the image creation algorithms. The plugin checks to see if an image matching the settings mashup exists. If it does it uses it for the current comment. If not it creates the image, stores the image, and uses it for the current comment.


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