STW Webshots - website thumbnails

28th Feb 2009 sam2kb

STW Webshots - website thumbnails v. 0.1 by sam2kb
System requirements : b2evolution version : 2.x, 3.x

This plugin allows you to display website thumbnails in you blogs.

It uses ShrinkTheWeb website thumbnail provider, so you have to create a FREE account there in order to use the plugin.


* You can select custom width and height for any webshot.
* The plugin automatically converts all "Link to URL" links into clickable images.
* By default it caches images for 5 days which minimizes the traffic and increases the loading speed, you can change the number of days in plugin settings.
* Use the "Webshot" button to insert a thumbnail in your post.
* You can add webshots in you skin using the following method

$GLOBALS['Plugins']->trigger_event( 'stw_webshot_s', '' );

stw_webshot_s - display a small (120x90) webshot
stw_webshot_l - display a large (200x150) webshot
stw_webshot_xl - display an extra large (320x240) webshot
stw_webshot_default - display the default-sized webshot (selected in plugin settings)

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