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3rd May 2007 stk

The Future: Cloudy or Bright?

(It's up to you, really. Donations, feedback and enhancement requests all help to keep AstonishMe plug-in development moving forward!)

It was hard for us to put this plug-in to bed. We keep thinking up new ways to enhance it and here's some of what we've left on the coding room floor:

  1. Random Search Terms: While it's cool to see the most popular terms, it's often the one-off searches that are really humorous, enlightening or bizarre. We thought it would be cool to (a) add random as a switch and (b) maybe offer a way to toggle between the two, on the site.
  2. Word Filter Options: Replacing characters is nice, but we thought it would be better to offer more ways of displaying the results, such as (a) using an array of characters which are randomly used to replace the characters of the offensive word (i.e., S--T becomes %$^@, rather than ****) and (b) offer an option to replace only the internal characters (i.e. S--T instead of 'the real thing').

Can you think of any other ways to improve the plug-in? If so, let us know, by suggesting enhancement requests in a comment. (Not that we're gonna drop everything to honor your request, but you WILL be helping to shape future releases).

Do you like this plug-in? If so, please consider a donation. (Donations help to promote the popularity of a plug-in, reinforces our belief that people are good netizens and - most importantly - motivates us to keep on making and enhancing this - and other - plug-ins). Contact us and we'll send you our PayPal address (or mailing address, if you don't use PayPal).

Finally, the code is open-source, so feel free to play with it as you see fit. We only ask that you attribute the work to us, that you let us know if you've come up with anything really cool and that you keep it in the public realm (no running off and starting a zeitgeist company).

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation (v1.8.x & v1.9x)
  3. Styling the Cloud
  4. The Future


Comment from: EdB
Nice. One problem not specific to this plugin though: when I changed it to P tags with nothing preceding and a space following it decided since I had nothing preceding it would use it's default value of LI. Had to make my changes to the actual plugin therefore.
05/04/07 @ 20:15
Hi EdB,
What do you expect if you use a plugin coded by a blonde? Sheesh :P

I've corrected this problem, but I've got one or two other little fixes to do as well and then we'll release a 1.1.1 ... damn, we're starting to sound all evcore with our version numbers already :S

05/05/07 @ 09:41
Comment from: Farhad
It has problem with UTF-8.....................
08/20/07 @ 17:38

works great. The only thing not working for me is th eparameter for the sort order. Regardless if I am using "asc" or "desc" it is always displayed randomly... Any idea?

03/22/08 @ 13:48
From the looks of your sidebar you've solved this ?

03/23/08 @ 17:57
What about b2evo v2.x ?
04/04/08 @ 21:49
The chances are that it works in 2.x as well

04/16/08 @ 09:26
Comment from: slamp
Is there any way to display the search tag cloud on a backoffice page ?
05/16/08 @ 12:31
Hi Slamp,

Yes there is, but I'd need to add a fair amount of code. It's not hard but make take me a while

05/17/08 @ 13:06

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