Using workflows in b2evo

8th Jan 2007 Topanga


You can add parameters in the normal plugin way. For example, if your skin doesn't use the bSideItem class for blocks in your sidebar, then you would want to do this:


<?php $Plugins->call_by_code'am_Deadline'array(
     'block_start' => '<div class="yourClass">',
     ) ); ?>

Here is a full list of the available parameters:


<strong>block_start</strong> => '<div class="bSideItem">'// This is what will enclose the block in the skin
<strong>block_end</strong> => "</div>\n"// This is what will enclose the block in the skin
<strong>title</strong> => '<h3>'.T_('Deadline near').'</h3>'// Title
<strong>list_start</strong> => '<ul>'// This is what will begin the list
<strong>list_end</strong> => "</ul>\n"// This is what will end the list
<strong>line_start </strong> => '<li>'// This is what will separate the links
<strong>line_end'</strong> => "</li>\n"; // This is what will separate the links
<strong>statusarray</strong> => array('published', 'protected', 'draft'); // What statusses do we look at ?
<strong>cat</strong> => ''; // List of cats to restrict to
<strong>catarray</strong> => array(); // Array of cats to restrict to
<strong>author</strong> => ''; // List of authors to restrict to
<strong>order</strong> => 'ASC'; // oldest to newest
<strong>orderby</strong> => 'datedeadline'; // Field to order by
<strong>limit</strong> => 12; // Number of entries to display:
<strong>timestampmin</strong> => 'now'; // Do not show posts before this timestamp
<strong>timestampmax</strong> => '// Do not show posts after this timestamp
  1. What does it do ?
  2. Installation (v1.8)
  3. Customization
  4. Is that all I can customize ?
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Comment from: dub27
Can you tell me where this is activated? I installed it and had no problems, including the _main.php edit.

Plugin is toggled to always

But it is not activating when I create a post or edit a post.

And there is no open to change the workflow "task status" option from none within the backpanel.

using 1.9.2

where am I going wrong?
27/02/07 @ 16:21
Comment from: Topanga
What do you mean by "you can not change the workflow in the task status" ?
have you created other statusses ?
They are created in the 'App settings' 'post statusen'
27/02/07 @ 16:25

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