Using workflows in b2evo

8th Jan 2007 Topanga

Is that all I can customize ?

Nope, we did even more. Instead of showing the 'task' that is assigned to somebody, we can show an image. We made 7 default images, but that means that your tasklist must be the same as ours. Is your tasklist different, you can change the images. Or you can change the order.

  • type1 =>img/write.gif
  • type2 =>img/appearance.gif
  • type3 =>img/idea.gif
  • type4 =>img/lookup.gif
  • type5 =>img/spellcheck.gif
  • type6 =>img/rewrite.gif
  • type7 =>img/reshedule.gif
  1. What does it do ?
  2. Installation (v1.8)
  3. Customization
  4. Is that all I can customize ?
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Comment from: dub27
Can you tell me where this is activated? I installed it and had no problems, including the _main.php edit.

Plugin is toggled to always

But it is not activating when I create a post or edit a post.

And there is no open to change the workflow "task status" option from none within the backpanel.

using 1.9.2

where am I going wrong?
27/02/07 @ 16:21
Comment from: Topanga
What do you mean by "you can not change the workflow in the task status" ?
have you created other statusses ?
They are created in the 'App settings' 'post statusen'
27/02/07 @ 16:25

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