jQuery Datepicker Plugin

23rd Jan 2009 Afwas

jQuery Datepicker Plugin v. 0.2 by Afwas
System requirements : b2evolution version : 2.x

Today I proudly present my latest plugin. It's a calendar type date picker for use in the Write / Edit section. There is a JavaScripst thingy that's ugly and that had a bug. Because it's the last time you see it: here's an image:

Datepicker old

The Datepicker I offer in this plugin is much nicer. Also it's relatively clevr. It knows your Locale and will paste the date in that Locale. Furthermore it's automagically translated if you have the proper language files installed. Here's a French version of the new jQuery Datepicker Plugin:

jQuery Datepicker plugin French

All you have to do is download, unzip and install. There are no options.



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