VideoPlug Plus

11th Apr 2009 EdB

VideoPlug Plus v. 11.2.0 by EdB
System requirements : b2evolution version : 2.x, 2.3, 2.4

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Videoplug Plus is based entirely on (and completely replaces) the stock "videoplug" plugin that ships with b2evolution.

This version gives the admin the option of excluding any of the video sources from the toolbar via settings, and an option to set the width of all embedded videos to suit their skin. Depending on the video source, your bloggers can embed a video by using the code for the video, the URL of the video, or the "embed" code for the video. Not all sources of videos offer all three methods, and sources that have different width/height ratios have to use the "embed" code to get the dimensions correct.

This version is "backwards compatible" with the official version, meaning anything you added to your blog with 'the real one' will work with this one. Again this depends on the source not changing anything, but hey that means 'the real one' won't render properly either.




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